Level Up Innovations, LLC

This amazing product is the brainchild of veteran dressage rider Kathy Phillips: "I was so tired of telling my daughter during her riding lessons to keep her heels down that I decided to do something about it!“   She invented the Electronic Heel Position Indicator and realized that it would be a fabulous training aid for any rider!  "It was so effective that Katlyn's average dressage scores increased by 10 points overall!"

Current Products 

Level Up Innovations LLC is delighted to sponsor the Van Buren Intermediate School District Special Education Program!

“Paper Production” is a program for special education students from the Van Buren Intermediate School District. It provides them with work experience and teaches work ethics for possible future employment.

Students attending the Paper Production program learn to use different materials to produce unique handmade paper. The students then learn  a variety of techniques including rubber stamping, embossing, etc. to create products for sale.

We are selling horse-shaped note pads handmade by these wonderful children! The pads come in a variety of random colors, are individually wrapped and are approximately 3”x4” in size. Add a few to your Heel Indicator order and help support students with disabilities!