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How will the Heel Indicator Help me?

Why is "keeping your heels down" is so essential for riders?  Here are some building blocks to develop riders who love what they do and want to move forward in knowledge and experience - for any discipline!

  • Security - A correctly positioned heel will distribute the rider’s weight "deeper" into the saddle - a lowered heel keeps the rider in the saddle when her horse moves suddenly or unexpectedly.
  • Even Leg Length - Lesson student or show rider - we all want the judge or instructor to see our leg in the correct position.  Focusing on the inside leg can actually pull the outside leg up and unbalance the rider
  • Balance - forcing your heel down will stiffen your leg and force it out of the best position for cuing your horse and having a secure seat. You may find your torso tipping forward and your hands holding onto the reins or saddle for security as you are jolted with every step. 
  • Aids -  helps the rider to use the leg and weight aids better because the leg is trained to be longer and steadier.