We said: Very much yes. The volume is low yet still adjustable!  We do recommend letting your horse hear the beeping before you ride, and have personally tested it on well over 300 horses, from racehorses to show horses to the average pony - great results!  If you're used to having your cell phone with you when you ride, it's probably less audible (and doesn't quack or bark depending on who's calling!!)

Our answer:  Ashley, the video showed exaggerated levels of heels, it actually does beep when your heels are just above the level position. We had our own children in these videos and they wanted to be sure the videographer knew their heels were UP!  (We posted another video about it on our Facebook page)

Our answer:  Christine, do you mean have our horses decided that the beeping is annoying? We have not observed them to even notice the noise, although we do make sure that every new horse gets to see and hear the Indicator before we ride!  The volume is adjustable and we've taken efforts to be sure it won't be very loud. The intent is to be just enough for the rider to hear. 

 Questions and Answers about the Heel Indicator 

Level Up Innovations, LLC

Ashley wanted to know:  "It's a great idea but in the Kickstarter video it looked like it only beeped when the riders had their heels really high up... For riders that only have their heels come up very little how would this benefit them when it wouldn't beep?"

Christine asked: "These are interesting and I can imagine very helpful for working when you don't have eyes on the ground helping to remind of good form. Have you observed horses learning any naughty habits with the beep?

Hannah asked:   "Just a question but are you able to change the sound of it or make it quieter? Because this would be great but some horses may find it scary and spook."

Our answer:  Yes, you can slide them right under or over your spurs (under would be better)

Erin wanted to know:  "Can you wear it with spurs?"